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For immediate assistance, please contact us at 1-800-550-3279 (1-503-601-1000) or complete our online inquiry form

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WinCalXEThe latest WinCal publications, frequently asked questions, upgrades and patches.

If you for any reason cannot download and/or apply a patch, please contact Cascade Microtech Sales.

WinCal Downloads

Get the latest version of WinCal, or download important patches and services packs. [View more]

RF Calibration & WinCal FAQ

How do I use the alignment marks on my calibration standard substrate (ISS)? What is this Cal data? Where do I find it? What do I do with it? What are the VNA calibration coefficients for my impedance standard substrate? (PN XXX-XXX)? Answers to these and other questions in the Calibration FAQ. [View more]

WinCal User Feedback

Your feedback on WinCal is important to us and helps us prioritize future product enhancements. Please use the following form to alert us to issues, to make suggestions for enhancements or for any other comments. [View more]