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T-Wave Probe


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"I had taken it for granted that broken probes and gouges on the chip were part of life for chip testing, but the cascade probes eliminate both of them."

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The T-Wave Probes enable wafer-level electrical measurement of mmW devices and materials up to 1.1 THz, setting the industry-performance standard for characterization of millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength devices. The T-Wave Probes deliver low insertion loss and low contact resistance when probing gold pads.


• Low insertion loss

• Low contact resistance

• 140 GHz – 1.1 THz versions

• Probe pitch as narrow as 25 μm

• Lithographically-defined probe tip

• Nickel contacts



• Excellent tip visibility

• Ability to characterize 1.1 THz devices

• Typical Insertion loss < 1.5 dB between 140 and 220 GHz

• Integrated DC bias-T with low-profile GPPO connector


Casdcade Microtech works closely with Dominion Microprobes, Inc. to deliver complete THz probing solutions through our MeasureOne program. The T-Wave™ Probe is a Cascade Microtech/DMPI Product.