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High-Voltage Parametric (HVP) Probe


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     Accurate and precise measurement of device parameters up to 3,000V

    When power device engineers drive voltages to higher and higher levels, the capability to characterize these devices on wafer becomes increasingly difficult. As voltage increases, so does the potential for dielectric breakdown between the force, guard and shield layers, making low noise measurements difficult to obtain. Cascade Microtech's HVP probe provides the capability to make coaxial and triaxial measurements up to 3,000V, while preserving a low-noise measurement path.


    • Coaxial and triaxial measurements up to 3,000V
    • High-quality construction with low-noise electrical performance
    • Replaceable probe tips in a variety of tip sizes
    • Temperature range of -55 to 300ºC


    • Triaxial measurement ensures a much better understanding of device leakage in the off state
    • Highly reliable, stable and repeatable measurements
    • Integrally designed as part of Cascade Microtech's complete measurement solution