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DC Power Probes


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Cascade Microtech offers a wide selection of engineering probes designed to meet the many challenges of various probing environments. View our Probe Selection Guide for more information.

Cascade Microtech's power device probes provide a complete on-wafer solution for over-temperature, low-contact resistance measurements of power seimconductors up to 60A and 3000V.

Ultra High-Power (UHP) Probe

Ultra High-Power Probe (UHP)

The UHP probe allows wafer-level power device characterization in both high-current and high-voltage conditions with one touchdown and one setup. Together with Tesla on-wafer power device characterization system, Cascade Microtech offers a complete solution enabling power device measurement up to 10 kV and currents up to 600 A with one touchdown and one setup. [View more]

High-Current Parametric (HCP) Probe

Tesla HCP Probe

Designed specifically for testing power devices on wafer, the High-Current Parametric (HCP) Probe reduces probe and device destruction at high currents by minimizing contact resistance at the wafer-to-probe interface to prevent device heating at the tip. The innovative multi-finger design distributes the current over multiple contact points at the tip and is joined by a single heatsink which pulls heat from the probe tip. [View more]

High-Voltage Parametric (HVP) Probe

Tesla HVP Probe

Cascade Microtech’s High-Voltage Parametric (HVP) Probe provides the capability to make triaxial/coaxial measurements up to up to 3,000V while preserving a low-noise measurement path. The HVP probe is engineered with proprietary insulation materials that prevent against dielectric breakdown to enable low leakage measurements as low as <1pA at high voltage (3000V). [View more]