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Parametric Series Pyramid Probe Cards


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The Parametric series Pyramid probe cards are the high performance, low-cost alternative to the existing solutions, compatible with all major parametric tester platforms, and designed to enable the accurate monitoring of 65 nm and 45 nm parametric test structures. Cascade Microtech's innovative PyramidPlus™ manufacturing process ensures a substantially lower cost of ownership, while delivering superior signal integrity and faster settling time, compared to traditional probe technologies. The Parametric series Pyramid Probe card is ideal for applications such as final process development, DC-only parametric volume production (in-line and end-of-line), and Wafer-Acceptance Testing (WAT).


  • Guarded traces to probe tips with lowest leakage
  • Excellent measurement fidelity with low leakage (1 fA/V), fast settling time, and reduced cross talk
  • One card for both Cu and Al pads probing
  • Small-pad probing down to 30x30 µm
  • Low cost of ownership, superior signal integrity and fast settling time enabled by PyramidPlus manufacturing technology