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Cascade Microtech, Inc.


Cascade Microtech is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced wafer probing solutions for the electrical measurement and test of semiconductor integrated circuits and chips. Our customers use these solutions to perform testing of chips while in wafer form, or wafer probing, in both engineering and production test environments. Our engineering probe stations and analytical probes are used in research and development to perform precise electrical measurements, or electrical metrology, on increasingly complex and high-speed chips in order to assure quality and reliability, reduce costly redesigns, accelerate time-to-market and improve chip fabrication processes. Our production probe cards reduce manufacturing costs of complex and high-speed chips by identifying defective chips early in the process and by testing multiple chips concurrently.

Each of the 20 largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, in terms of revenue, is one of Cascade Microtech’s more than 800 customers. These customers use probing solutions to perform engineering and production testing of a wide variety of devices such as digital signal processors, and telecommunications and radio frequency ICs. Cascade Microtech also offers both package-level and wafer- level reliability test systems which provide early analysis and lifetime predictions.

A History of Innovation

CMI Founders: Eric Strid and Reed GleasonCascade Microtech began with the teamwork of Eric Strid and Reed Gleason, who in 1983 developed the first microwave wafer probe. Before 1983, high-speed IC designers could only speculate as to why a particular design worked. The true electrical performance of these microwave circuits was impossible to measure at the wafer level. By using Cascade Microtech's revolutionary on-wafer probing solutions, design engineers could actually test and characterize circuits at the wafer level, before the ICs were diced and packaged. This halved research and development times and lowered the tremendous cost of developing new chips. Cascade Microtech's on-wafer probing technology has since become an industry standard.

2016 FormFactor Inc. acquires Cascade Microtech on June 24th.
2016 Cascade Microtech Introduces Fully-integrated Solution for Wafer-Level Reliability Test
2015 SourceOne™ refurbished equipment program launched to help customers maximize equipment investment
2014 T-Wave™ line of probes introduced for high-accuracy measurement from 220 GHz through 1.1 THz
2014 Cascade Microtech announces MeasureOne™, a program to offer best-of-breed solutions in collaboration with key industry suppliers
2013 Cascade Microtech acquires Reliability Test Systems business from Aetrium and purchases ATT Advanced Temperature Test Systems GmbH
2012 The first fully-automatic high-power device measurement probe system, APS200TESLA, is launched
2011 Cascade Microtech introduces InfinityQuad™, the only multi-contact quadrant probe for over-temperature testing
2010 Cascade Microtech acquires Test Systems Division of SUSS Microtec AG
2008 Cascade Microtech offers Edge, industry's first fully integrated flicker noise measurement system
2007 Cascade Microtech introduces Tesla, industry’s first on-wafer power device characterization system
2004 Initial public offering (NASDAQ:CSCD)
2002 Infinity Probe® sets a new benchmark in mechanical and RF performance
1997 AttoGuard® chuck allows first 1 fA substrate current measurements
1995 Cascade Microtech acquires Alessi, largest failure analysis supplier in the market
1994 Pyramid Probe® is invented using thin-film technology
1992 MicroChamber® revolutionalizes environmental controls for IC testing
1990 Hewlett Packard (Agilent Technologies) makes minority equity investment in Cascade Microtech
1984 Cascade Microtech is incorporated
1983 World's first 18 GHz on-wafer probe is invented