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Constant Voltage Electromigration for Advanced Interconnects

Constant Voltage Electromigration
for Advanced Interconnects

Leading researchers are raising doubts that CIEM will be sufficient and appropriate for evaluating electromigration on tomorrow’s highly scaled copper lines and vias. Learn more about the emerging challenges to CIEM revealed by interconnect technology evolution.

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Consistent Parameter Extraction for Advanced RF Devices

Consistent Parameter Extraction for Advanced RF Devices

Pushing device operation frequencies towards the sub-THz range causes serious challenges for conventional device characterization techniques. This application note presents a comparison of SOLT, NIST multiline TRL, and LRRM probe-tip calibration methods for accuracy of measured and extracted figure of merits (FoM) of advanced BiCMOS HBT. A good understanding of possible sources of errors and potential room for improvement at each step are key to increasing the accuracy of device characterization. This paper will show why eLRRM is recommended as an accurate, consistent and easy to implement probe tip calibration method for characterization of advanced high-performance active devices.

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Probing 25 μm-diameter Micro-bumps for Wide-I/O 3D SICs

Direct micro-bump probing is proving to be a more cost-effective and technologically complete method than dedicated prebond probe pads. However, it requires advanced probe cards and probe stations. Recent work on test wafers has resulted in successfully probing single-channel wide-I/O micro-bumps at 25 μm diameter. Work continues to further prove out this methodology on actual Wide-I/O DRAM.

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New Calibration Solutions for Multi-Channel Probes using an Added Port for Thru Measurements

A new method is proposed for calibrating multichannel probes placed in multiple quadrants for wafer or chip level measurement. It uses an additional ground-signal-ground probe to enable thru measurements in a conventional calibration procedure, avoiding the need for custom calibration kits. The inherent delay inconsistencies in the proposed method are shown to be small enough to have minimal effects on the measurement uncertainties, in most practical cases.

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New Velox Probe Station Control Software


Velox harnesses the flexibility of Nucleus and the power of ProberBench, and enables the fastest time-to-job completion for mixed environment labs. Velox gives you several options to simplify the setup and execution of automated sequences on your probe stations. Upgrade to Velox today and achieve gains in both speed and productivity.

Learn more: Velox - Probe Station Control Software

Introducing EPS200MMW- achieve accurate measurement results at 67 GHz up to THz frequencies


At higher frequencies, probe placement with submicron accuracy on calibration substrates and DUTs is critical for accurate and repeatable measurement results. The EPS200MMW manual 200 mm probe solution addresses this need with its rigid case-base frame, solid platen with four-point support and highly-refined granite base plate, and includes a fine-glide chuck stage to offer both wide-range coarse movement and submicron-level fine movement.

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Flexible 300 mm Probing Platform

CM300 Probe System

Cascade Microtech’s CM300 is a flexible on-wafer measurement platform that scales to meet evolving needs in capability and automation. It enhances device and process characterization and modeling by capturing the true electrical performance of devices and enabling hands-off productivity. With the new Velox™ probe station control software, the CM300 enables safe and fast wafer loading and easy test automation and measurement system integration, while preventing damage of probe tips, probe cards and customer wafers throughout the entire measurement cycle. Read more ...

Cascade Microtech Featured on NASDAQ Tower

NASDAQ Tower - Times Square

We are honored to be featured on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square as a result of our recent American Technology Award win for the APS200Tesla!

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