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Windows XP End-of-Support


Microsoft will discontinue support of Windows XP on April 8, 2014. As a result we will switch our probe station operating system to Windows 7- compatible. We will release a new prober software platform in Q4/2014 that will be fully compatible with Windows 7 and bring exciting new features to our customers. The new software platform will allow for easy field upgradability and backward compatibility to all supported Cascade Microtech probe stations.

Any system isolated from corporate networks will not be impacted. Systems connected to a corporate network requiring Window 7 compatibility may need be isolated in adherence to corporate IT directives.

Isolated systems require data transfer utilizing USB or other offline media.

Cascade Microtech has developed alternative solutions to secure Windows XP-based probe systems in a corporate network. Both solutions enable the probe system to be connected to the corporate network safely and access network locations as well as remote control. Please contact your local sales representative for order information.

Probe System Firewall - Quick Reference Guide

To receive email updates on this issue, please complete the form below. If you need immediate support, or would like to purchase the virtual firewall, please contact service.

Windows XP End of Support / Velox™ FAQ

What is happening?
On April 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP will no longer be available. Users have been given 2 options by Microsoft: upgrade current computers to hardware and software that is compatible with later versions of Windows (Windows7 or Windows8) or buy a new computer.

As a result, Cascade Microtech is beginning a program – concurrent with the upcoming release of Velox 2.0 to assist our customers in upgrading their systems to compatible hardware and software.

  • For customers whose equipment includes computers that are too old to be upgraded, we will offer complete computer replacement opportunities;
  • For customers whose equipment features newer computers, we will be offering upgrades that include hardware and software that will bring them current.
Is Cascade Microtech "late" in offering this upgrade to our customers?
While Cascade Microtech had hoped to be in a position to support our customers' desire to upgrade in advance of the April 8, 2014 date, a recent article from Bloomberg Business Week makes it evident that our customers are in good company. According to the article, nearly 95% of the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in the United States are still running WindowsXP.
When is Velox 2.0 going to be available?
According to the present schedule, Velox 2.0 will be available in Q4 2014.
Will Velox be compatible with Windows 8?
Not at this time. We will adopt the Windows 7 standard, which is more stable, and has more widespread adoption in the industry today. This decision is the most prevalent industrial decision, today, with respect to Window's compatibility. Generally, industrial OEMs opt to take the more conservative approach of remaining one generation behind the "leading edge"; this permits greater software stability to users of the OEM's equipment.
Can probe stations with current software and hardware be upgraded to Windows 7?
In most cases, yes. Please contact your Cascade Microtech sales / service representative to determine your upgrade requirements. In some instances, hardware upgrades will be required to support the Windows 7 upgrade.
Will the latest versions of Nucleus™ and ProberBench™ be available for sale after Velox 2.0 is released?
Yes, for some systems you can purchase either Nucleus or ProberBench. However, at the release of Velox 2.0 in Q4 2014 we will stop development / enhancement of both Nucleus and ProberBench. Now is the time for Cascade Microtech and our partners to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences. All new feature development will be focused on Velox. For compatibility with both Windows 7, and to take advantage of new features, we encourage customers to move to Velox 2.0.
Is there going to be a fixed training cost when customers upgrade to Windows 7 and the new Velox 2.0 software?
Yes, we will offer both service and applications training for Velox 2.0 at a fixed price.
Will Velox 2.0 require new hardware?
In some instances, yes. Most systems shipping today are compatible with Velox 2.0. However, the upgrade to Windows7 and Velox 2.0 may require new hardware depending on the vintage and specific configuration of the system. Example: Summit and Elite stations shipped prior to December 2012 will require a new controller to run Velox 2.0. Please check with your sales or service representative.
Are there any features from Nucleus and ProberBench that will not be available in the new Velox 2.0 software?
We've incorporated the best features of both Nucleus and ProberBench into our new Velox 2.0 probe system operating software. To learn more about comparative differences, speak to your local Cascade Microtech sales representative, who will provide additional information or coordinate a meeting with an application engineer in your area.
Will Velox run on Windows XP?
No, Cascade Microtech does not anticipate providing Velox or VeloxPro compatible to Windows XP
Are there any special requirements when running Velox in 32 bit or 64 bit?
The compatibility to 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows7 will be determined by the availability of drivers for hardware like motor cards etc. Cascade will provide a complete upgrade package including the appropriate operating system for each station supported.
How long is Cascade Microtech going to support Nucleus and ProberBench after Velox is released?
Cascade Microtech's standard support period for obsolete products is seven years after end-of-life. At the release of Velox 2.0 in Q4 2014 we will stop development of both Nucleus and ProberBench. All new feature development and enhancements will be focused on Velox. We will continue to deliver workarounds and fixes for critical issues on a best effort basis.
When will Velox ship on new station orders?
Cascade Microtech anticipates a staged introduction of Velox 2.0 in the production of probe systems during the first few months after the release of Velox 2.0 in Q4 2014.

Windows XP EOL / Velox 2.0 Notifications