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Probe Repair


Protect your probe investment and lower your cost-of-ownership.

Cascade Microtech's probe repair program makes it easy to get started. To ensure probes are repaired without delay, listed probes are repaired at a fixed and guaranteed price regardless of condition or failure of the probe.

Quotations can be requested by completing the form below or alternatively send in your purchase order today, using the probe repair prices listed below and showing the probe serial numbers on the purchase order.

For repair prices of any multi-contact probes or custom probes, please contact Cascade Microtech using the form below.

Probe repairs are available for probes purchased after January 1, 2012. Serial number must begin with an D, F, G, H, J or K. Additional Terms and conditions apply.

Probe Type US Price International Price*
ACP-DUAL (40, 50 & 67 GHz) $800 $900
ACP-1MM (110 GHz) $1500 $1600
ACP Waveguide Probes (75, 90, 110 & 140 GHz) $1800 $1900
ACP Probes (40, 50 & 65GHz) $300 $400
ACP-R, ACP-Z, FPC-R Probes $500 $600
FPC Probe $300 $400
Infinity Waveguide Probe (325 GHz) $2200 $2300
Infinity Waveguide Probes (75, 90, 110, 140, 170, 220 GHz) $1800 $1900
Infinity (40, 50 & 67 GHz) $400 $500
Infinity DUAL (40, 50 & 67 GHz) $1000 $1100
Infinity 1MM (110 GHz) $1,500 $1,600
T-Wave Probe (220, 260, 330, 500 GHz) $2,000 $2,100
T-Wave Probe (750 GHz) $3,250 $3,350
T-Wave Probe (1.1THz) $4,000 $4,100

Probe Repair Request
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Additional part/serial numbers may be entered in the comment box below.

Probe Repair Program Terms and Conditions

  • Available for probes purchased after January 1, 2012. Serial numbers must begin with an D, F, G, H, J or K.
  • All probes will have a fixed price for repair and will not require an evaluation for quotation purposes.
  • All prices and delivery charges quoted on this site are correct at the time of publication and exclude any applicable taxes or re-import fees on return shipment.
  • Our prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All probe repair requests must be accompanied by a purchase order, which must be received by Cascade Microtech prior to issuing a Returned Material Authorization (RMA). Probes may not be dispatched for return until RMA # is received.
  • FedEx will be the only carrier accepted. RMA # must be listed as shipping reference #.
  • Additional shipping and documentation requirements will be listed on the RMA.
  • Fixed price for international repairs will be US Price + $100.
  • Cascade Microtech will pay shipping BOTH ways and importation charges to the US for international repairs; customer pays import fees on return shipment (such as VAT/GST).
  • Probes must be returned properly secured and packaged (equivalent to or exceeding that of original packaging).
  • Probes must be received at the dock with an RMA.
  • Custom and configurable probes could be subject to longer repair times.
  • Cascade Microtech reserves the right to modify pricing, Terms and Conditions or cancel repair policy at any time without notice.
  • |Z| probes are not included in the repair program.
  • All single-signal ACP, FPC and Infinity probes (frequency < 110 GHz) will be repaired within five business days if received in quantities of 12 or less. Five business days is calculated from date of receipt at Cascade Microtech dock in Beaverton, Oregon to date of dispatch from Cascade Microtech dock. For quantity more than 12, lead-times will be longer. Please contact factory for accurate lead time.
  • Repaired probes will be "as good as new" and meet all current quality and performance specifications.
  • For ACP and Infinity brand probes, maximum of three (3) repairs per probe allowed
  • For T-Wave™ Probes
    1. There is no limit to the number of repairs per probe as long as the probe block is not damaged
    2. This will be determined during the repair process
    3. There is no limit to the number of repairs per customer per month
  • Repair of Customer modified Cascade Microtech probes
    1. If the probe can be repaired without affecting the modification, the probe will be repaired under the normal Probe Repair program.
    2. In all other cases, the probe will be repaired and restored to factory conditions. All modifications will be lost on the part of the probe that needs repair.
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