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Estrada Integrated Wafer-Level Reliability Test System


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The Estrada™ product line offers fully-integrated high-throughput test cell packages for wafer-level reliability (WLR) test. It provides a smooth pathway toward accelerated reliability assessments and process qualifications on 300 mm wafer processes. This comprehensive WLR test cell is optimized for high-volume intrinsic reliability testing and is ready to use as soon as the system arrives at your test site. With several pre-validated configurations available, specifying and deploying a highly-capable test system has never been easier or quicker – no time is wasted searching for various equipment pieces and myriad options from multiple vendors, evaluating their suitability and compatibility, writing software, setting up the system, or worrying about support.

The Estrada-EM turnkey wafer-level reliability (WLR) test system for electromigration (EM) is designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of EM WLR. Its PureZone™ technology provides very high temperatures while preventing copper oxidation.

  • Best-in-class WLR tools and components integrated as a fully-functional test cell, including reliability instruments, probe cards, test executive software and analytical probers
  • Guaranteed, pre-validated system configuration for faster time to first data
  • Maximum data output with high parallel DUT capacity, full-wafer/multi-site probing and automation to step across wafer

Estrada turnkey wafer-level reliability (WLR) test systems accelerate reliability assessments and process qualifications on 300 mm wafer processes.

Everything needed for semi-automated intrinsic reliability testing of TDDB, SILC, HCI, and BTI on the wafer is provided by the Estrada high-performance integrated measurement solution.

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Estrada FES System
Estrada WLR System

The Estrada-EM test system for electromigration utilizes an innovative, patented PureZone nanochamber to provide the industry’s first and only wafer-level system capabie of 350°C, multisite, full-wafer testing in an oxygen-free environment. By eliminating the need for packaging, this semi-or fully-automated solution provides high-integrity test results days or weeks faster than package-level EM.

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