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Infinity Probe®


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"I had taken it for granted that broken probes and gouges on the chip were part of life for chip testing, but the cascade probes eliminate both of them."

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High-frequency performance with low, stable contact resistance on aluminum pads

Ideal for device characterization and modeling, Infinity probe combines extremely low contact resistance on aluminum pads with unsurpassed RF measurement accuracy for highly reliable, repeatable measurements. Proprietary thin-film and coaxial probe technology reduces unwanted couplings to nearby devices and transmission modes. 


  • Lithographic thin-film construction
  • Excellent crosstalk characteristics
  • Non-oxidizing nickel alloy tips
  • Innovative force delivery mechanism
  • 40 GHz to 220 GHz versions (325 GHz and 500 GHz available on request)
  • GSG, SG, GS, GSGSG, GSSG configurations
  • 50 to 250 µ m pitches
  • High current version (2 A) available


  • Superior field confinement reduces unwanted couplings to nearby devices and transmission modes
  • Superior measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Small scrub minimizes damage to aluminum pad
  • Typical contact resistance < 0. 05 Ω on Al, <0.02Ω on Au
  • Save valuable wafer space and reduce pad parasitics by being able to shrink pad geometries to 25 x 35 µ m (best case)

Dual Infinity Probe

Dual Infinity Probe

The Infinity Probe® family is expanding with the addition of the Dual Infinity Probe series to 110 GHz. The new probe provides the best isolation among currently available commercial probes between the two signals. This is a critical advantage in performing accurate two or four-port calibrations. The Dual Infinity Probe is available in GSGSG, GSSG and SGS configurations and frequencies up to 67 GHz. [View more]

Waveguide Infinity Probe

Infinity Waveguide

The Waveguide Infinity Probe's new membrane GSG contact tip design reduces stray EM fields near probe tip. Control of EM fields near the tip allows repeatable measurements up to 500 GHz and improved crosstalk performance between the tips. [View more]