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Air Coplanar Probe


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"I had taken it for granted that broken probes and gouges on the chip were part of life for chip testing, but the cascade probes eliminate both of them."

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RF and microwave on-wafer probes: Long-lasting, rugged, ACP series

The Air Coplanar Probe is a rugged microwave probe with a compliant tip for accurate, repeatable measurements on-wafer. It features excellent probe-tip visibility and the lowest loss available. Available as both single and dual, the ACP probe combines outstanding electrical performance with precise probe mechanics and is todays most widely used microwave probe available.


EPD - Probes - ACP - Tip ConfigFeatures

  • Unique Air Coplanar tip design
  • DC to 110 GHz models available in single and dual line versions
  • Low insertion and return loss with ultra-low-loss ( -L ) versions
  • Excellent crosstalk characteristics
  • Wide operating temperature -65 ° C to + 200 ° C
  • Wide range of pitches available, from 50 to 1250 µm
  • Fast delivery available on 100, 125, 150, 200, and 250 µm pitched probes
  • Individually supported contacts
  • Choice of beryllium copper (BeCu) or tungsten tip material
  • Reduced contact (RC) probe tips for small pads
  • Precision tip dual configuration available
  • BeCu tip provides rugged, repeatable contact on gold pads


EPD - Probes - ACP Tip Comparison


  • Good visibility at probe tip allows accurate placement on DUT contact pads
  • Outstanding compliance for probing non-planar surfaces
  • Stable and repeatable over-temperature measurements
  • Typical probe life of 500,000 contacts on gold pads
  • Reduction in development cycle time