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"I had taken it for granted that broken probes and gouges on the chip were part of life for chip testing, but the cascade probes eliminate both of them."

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Probe Selection Guide

Cascade Microtech offers a wide selection of engineering probes designed to meet the many challenges of various probing environments. View our Probe Selection Guide for more information.

Our Xpress Quote online tool has been removed. Please see our Probe Selection Guide for assistance in selecting the right probe for your application, or contact our Probe Experts.

Probe Selection Guide

Infinity Probe

Cascade Microtech offers more than 50 different analytical probe models for wafer, package, and board level characterization.  We offer RF, microwave and millimeter-wave probes in the Infinity Probe®, T-Wave Probe™, Air Coplanar Probe and |Z| Probe® families, as well as probes for DC parametric test and failure analysis.

RF Microwave Probes

Infinity Probe

  • Air Coplanar (ACP) Family
  • Infinity Family
  • T-Wave Probe Family
  • |Z| Probe Family
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RFIC & Wedge Probes for Functional Test

InfinityQuad Probe

Durable, high-performance multi-contact (wedge) probes streamline RFIC engineering test. [View more]

|Z| Probe® Power

Z Probe Power

To provide highly accurate characterization of RF power devices at wafer level, the |Z| Probe® Power, based off proven |Z| Probe technology, handles high power at high frequencies (up to 40 GHz). The |Z| Probe Power provides excellent contact repeatability and extremely low contact resistance to deliver accurate results in load-pull measurement setups, which are typical for characterizing RF power devices. [View more]

DC Power Probes

Tesla HCP Probe

Cascade Microtech's power device probes provide a complete on-wafer solution for over-temperature, low-contact resistance measurements of power seimconductors up to 60A and 3000V. [View more]

DC Parametric Probes


Cascade Microtech’s DC probes deliver highly accurate measurements for advanced on-wafer process, device characterization and reliability testing. Our probes offer superior guarding and shielding over-temperature to resolve the performance limitations of non-coaxial and standard coaxial probes. [View more]

Signal Integrity / MCM Probes

FPC Probe

Cascade Microtech offers precision, durable fine pitch probes, ideal for signal integrity probing on IC packages and circuit boards. [View more]



The LWP probe can illuminate and collect optical signals used in the characterization of a variety of photonic devices. When combined with Cascade Microtech’s probe stations, and RF and DC probes, the LWP probe can provide modulation, spectral, time domain and low-level DC/CV measurements. [View more]

Custom/Specialty Probes

This special purpose probe is designed to provide wide bandwidth RF connections and simultaneous resonant free power bypass connections for the special needs of high-speed mixed mode IC ’s for optical networks.

Cascade Microtech designs and builds a wide variety of custom and specialty probes. If you are unable to find a probe that meets your needs on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss specific requirements for your application. [View more]

Calibration Tools

Impedance Standard Substrate

Our families of calibration substrates supports all of your high-frequency probing applications. Using them ensures greater accuracy and better repeatability in on-wafer calibration of vector network analyzers. [View more]

WinCal XE Software

WinCal XE 4.5 with ProberBench Software

WinCalXE software is a comprehensive and intuitive on-wafer RF measurement calibration tool to achieve accurate and repeatable S-parameter measurement. Free demo versions are available! [View more]