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Cryogenic Probe Systems


Unique Wafer-Level Probing down to 10 K

As semiconductor devices get smaller and new materials are used, the characteristics of these devices are not completely explained with the current theory. Therefore, much of the fundamental research undertaken today involves testing these new elements at cryogenic temperatures. These elements, like infrared focal plane arrays, opto-electronics, nano-electronic devices etc. will likely become a part of next-generation devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Test your devices at temperatures from 10 K to 675 K
  • Probing is as simple as on standard wafer-level probe systems
  • Confidence in the measurement results due to cryogenic shield
  • Full range of accessories for a complete cryogenic testing solution
  • Manual and semi-automated versions available

Building off of the experience from the vacuum probe system, Cascade Microtech designed a unique cryogenic wafer-level probe system using a similar chamber concept, available as laboratory (PLC), manual (PMC) or semi-automated (PAC) probe systems for testing wafers and substrates up to 300 mm. Using a patented design, the cryogenic probe system is able to achieve temperatures down to 10 K. A complete line of cryogenic-ready accessories, such as |Z| Probes®, calibration substrates, cables and probe positioners are available.



Under our MeasureOne solution program, Cascade Microtech and Lake Shore Cryotronics' collaborate to deliver a complete range of measurement solutions all along the spectrum from cryogenic/magnetic materials science to automated probing of production-ready devices.

Learn how you can take advantage of best-of-breed probe system technology and application know-how with MeasureOne - Your Integration Connection.