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Dedicated Measurement Systems


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Optimized Systems solve complex measurement challenges

Integrated systems from Cascade Microtech provide a complete solution for complex measurement problems that cannot be solved with just a collection of piece parts. Each part of the integrated solution is optimized and fine tuned to work together, enabling fast accurate on-wafer data collection for complex application and measurement needs. Integrated Systems are build upon high performance Cascade Microtech probe stations, giving you the ease of use and full featured on-wafer probing experience that has made Cascade Probe Station's the #1 choice of customer throughout the world. And each turnkey solution includes everything you need in one system, including a variety of highly optimized on-wafer probes, test instrumentation & cabling configurations, and software tools, ready to go.

Power Device Characterization Systems

Tesla On-Wafer Power Device Characterization System

Cascade Microtech’s on-wafer power device characterization systems achieve over-temperature, low-contact resistance measurements of power devices up to 3,000 V (triax)/10,000 V (coax). Four types of systems are available to fit your measurement needs – semi-automated systems for wafers from 200 mm up to 300 mm, or fully-automated systems for production test of wafers up to 200 mm. [View more]

Vacuum Probe Systems

Vacuum Probe Systems

Today, more and more MEMS devices require vacuums to operate, such as RF MEMS, resonators and microbolometers, or the devices must operate in near vacuums such as in space. Testing these devices has been done generally after they are packaged – a very expensive process that accounts for 60 to 80 percent of the total cost of the device. [View more]

Cryogenic Probe Systems

Cryogenic Probe Systems - 1

The cutting-edge is getting colder and superconducting materials are at the forefront of research. As semiconductor devices get smaller and new materials are used, the characteristics of these devices are not completely explained with the current theory. Therefore, much of the fundamental research undertaken today involves testing these new elements at cryogenic temperatures. These elements, including high electron mobility transistors (HEMT), infrared focal plane arrays, and superconductors, will likely become a part of next-generation devices. [View more]

Pressure Probe Systems

Pressure Probe System

The pressure probe system PAP200LP enable testing of pressure sensors and any devices that may need to operate in a different gas atmosphere. Instead of packaging the device and then testing for bad dies, the pressure probe system tests at wafer level before packaging. This reduces manufacturing costs and time to market. [View more]

Double-Sided Probe Systems

Double Side Probe Systems

The patented Double-Sided Probe Systems (DSP) are the technology leaders for all applications requiring access from both the top and back side of the wafer. Working in close cooperation with the leading suppliers of emission microscopes, Cascade Microtech has developed systems that are invaluable for defect localization in design verification and failure analysis when the DUT has multiple layers of metallization, flip-chip or lead-on-chip packaging. [View more]

Board Test Probe Stations

Board Test System R1000

Cascade Microtech offers affordable and complete horizontal and vertical board test systems, enabling precision electrical measurements of IC packages and circuit boards. [View more]