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Velox - Probe Station Control Software


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Velox Screenshots

Velox Screenshot

Customers are saying...

"I felt comfortable with Velox within the first half day."

"Move to Die feature very nice."

"…like the optical profiling… for problems we’ve had… I will be grateful to have [it]!"

"I like having 3 camera views. It’s like getting the next version of Nucleus!"

Achieve productivity breakthroughs with Velox™ probe station control software

Cascade Microtech has evolved its probe station user environment to an unprecedented level of power and efficiency with the latest release of Velox. Velox consolidates our Nucleus™ and ProberBench™ system software packages into a universal platform that offers extraordinary gains in speed and productivity.

Velox provides yet another proof point why Cascade Microtech leads the way forward in wafer probing systems and technology. Velox delivers the single most powerful and flexible user environment available in the semiconductor lab. Because Velox harnesses the flexibility of Nucleus and the power of ProberBench, it enables the fastest time-to-job completion and improved productivity for mixed environment labs. Velox is backwards compatible with all current Cascade Microtech platforms and at the same time provides a "Go Forward" software platform with coherence to the Microsoft Windows roadmap.

Multiple paths to automated productivity

One powerful path to increased efficiency is the automation of repeatable test and measurement processes. Velox gives you several options to simplify the setup and execution of automated sequences on your probe stations. Many automation features are now standard with Velox, such as AutoAlign, which measures die size, tracks wafer expansion and permits accurate sub-die navigation.


Velox - ControlCenter Tutorial Video

ControlCenter Tutorial
Understand the function of each of the modules.

Velox - WaferMap Tutorial Video

WaferMap Tutorial
Learn how to quickly create wafer maps.

Velox - CellView Tutorial Video

CellView Tutorial
See how easy it is to navigate sub dies.


A perpetual pipeline to accelerated performance

Cascade Microtech has committed to semi-annual upgrades of Velox via a new subscription service. You now have a universal platform that continually expands in power and functionality as we add new capabilities. All probe station users, from the occasional to the most experienced, stand to benefit from a continual flow of research and development into existing and future products.

The time to upgrade is now!

Given the new level of power and productivity contained in Velox, it makes sense to move ahead immediately and upgrade. The sooner you act, the sooner you benefit from all the new functionality and increased productivity that Velox puts within your reach.