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LabVIEW Integration Toolkit


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Complete Test Solution

The LabVIEW Integration Toolkit enables test engineers to quickly and easily get their LabVIEW test programs "up and running" with Cascade Microtech semi-automatic probe stations. The Toolkit includes a LabVIEW prober driver, three example programs (including source code - VIs), manual and full on-line help. A sample demonstration program is also included showing instrument control and a data histogram.

The Toolkit enables

  • Full remote control of the Cascade Microtech probe stations
  • Complete integration with Velox™ die stepping, wafer mapping, and automation capabilities
  • Fast and easy wafer test development
  • Cost effective automation

Fast Test Software Automation / Development

Test engineers and technicians can use a Cascade Microtech semi-automatic probe station, together with LabVIEW and the Cascade Microtech LabVIEW Toolkit, load one of the supplied examples, and communicate with the probe station without any additional programming. The example programs can then be easily extended with LabVIEW instrument control to provide a complete test solution.