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Probe System Accessories


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Precision measurement capability does not end with the probe and probe station. We offer a complete set of accessories to allow you to position, navigate, determine signal fidelity, and contact the wafer or device under test.

eVue Digital Imaging System

eVue Digital Imaging System

The eVue™ digital imaging system is a revolutionary new microscopy tool optimized for on-wafer test with Cascade Microtech Probe Stations. It radically improves wafer navigation, test setup, and probe contact accuracy through the integration of microscopy, digital imaging, and software automation. By combining new wafer probe navigation tools with next generation digital microscope technology, users can now see, touch, and measure devices far beyond a traditional microscope. [View more]

PureLine Technology

PureLine ensures confidence in your test data from process development through characterization and modeling to long term reliability and failure analysis test. Cascade Microtech probing systems with PureLine technology will keep you on the road and ahead of the curve. [View more]


Cascade Microtech's range of low-loss thermally stable cables, ensures higher quality measurements and longer lasting calibrations. Each cable has a male connector at one end that connects to the probe and a female connector at the other end to connect to the test instrumentation. For vertical style probes, the male connector includes an integrated 90º elbow. [View more]



Cascade Microtech offers a variety of chucks depending on the substrate to be tested. Solutions for holding gel packs are also available [View more]

Manual and Motorized Probe Positioners


Cascade Microtech offers a wide variety of manual and motorized probe positioners for any application from DC to 500 GHz and beyond, as well as positioners specifically designed for RF/microwave, sub-micron and MEMS applications. [View more]

Pressure Probe Module

Pressure Probe Module

The Pressure Probe Module (PPM) is the perfect tool for testing all kinds of pressure sensors from piezo-resistive to capacitive and absolute or differential. It can be adapted to all Cascade Microtech probe stations. [View more]

Backside Emission Microscopy Kit for R48/R61

200mm -  Backside Probe Kit

The backside emission microscopy kit extends your stations’ failure analysis capabilities by allowing one station to be configured for both standard front-side probing as well as backside emission microscopy. Changing from standard front-side to backside probing is done quickly and easily, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. [View more]

Software Solutions

Cascade Microtech offers several unique software solutions that enhance the functionality of your wafer-level test systems. [View more]

Light-tight probing: ShieldEnclosure™


ShieldEnclosures™ are designed for durable stability and sized to accommodate analytical probers equipped with all kinds of accessories incl.: thermal chucks, laser cutters, TV and Emission cameras. The EMI-shielded version guarantees a light-tight and electromagnetically shielded environment for all sensitive measurements. [View more]

Vibration Isolation Tables

Vibration Isolation Table

Working with increasingly small scales of reference means that any vibration however minimal, even from the equipment itself, will seriously degrade a probe station's performance. Slight vibrations will cause the probes to jump and miss their contacts and the microscope image will be blurred. [View more]