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150mm Probe Stations


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MPS150 Probe Station: The right solution to meet your technical specifications

The MPS150 is an easy to use, yet highly-precise manual probe platform for wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. Pre-configured application-focused probing solutions are available with everything you need to achieve accurate measurement results in the shortest time, with maximum confidence. The MPS150 is the industry’s probe platform of choice.

  • Save Time
    • Ergonomic and straightforward design for comfortable and easy operation
  • Protect Investment
    • Easy reconfiguration and upgrades for a wide range of applications
  • Application Know-How
    • Get help from experts who are at the forefront of emerging technologies
    • Best known methods and over 30 years of application experience
  • Safety
    • TUEV proven standards and production quality

The MPS150 platform supports a wide variety of applications such as I-V/C-V, radio frequency (RF), millimeter-wave (mmW) and sub-THz measurements, device and wafer characterization tests (DWC), failure analysis (FA), submicron probing, MEMS, optoelectronic engineering tests and more. Its stable platen is designed to accommodate up to sixteen positioners, providing a function similar to a probe card for special wafer-level reliability (WLR) applications.


EPS150COAX Probe Station

The EPS150COAX system offers a DC parametric test solution with optimized signal path down to picoampere (pA) levels to ensure fast, accurate ultra-low-level measurements over-temperature. The additional contact separation drive on the EPS150COAXPLUS offers 1 µm repeatability to enhance probe placement. [View more]

EPS150TRIAX Probe Station

EPS150Triax Probe Station

Characterize down to femtoampere (fA) levels and easily upgrade for advanced impedance measurement down to femtofarad (fF) levels. Low noise thermal and non-thermal chucks with Kelvin connections deliver a high degree of measurement confidence. [View more]

EPS150RF Probe Station

EPS150RF Probe Station

With the ability to probe pads as small as 25 µm x 35 µm and beyond, this packaged solution enables precise probe placement and contact repeatability comparable to semiautomatic systems. An intuitive operation workflow with 90 mm pull-out chuck, contact gauge, positioner adjustment rails, integrated auxiliary chuck, supported by WinCal XE™ wizards and tutorials, ensures ease of operation for both the novice and the expert user. [View more]

EPS150FA Probe Station

EPS150FA Probe Station

The EPS150FA incorporates best-known methods for electrical failure verification, localization and debug with the ability to probe features smaller than 1 µm. The flexibility to adapt from wafer-to-chip-to-package investigation in a matter of seconds minimizes ‘time-to-data’ and ultimately delivers faster time to market. Easily upgrade with multiple options for laser-cutting, liquid crystal thermography, and high-impedance probing. [View more]

EPS150MMW Probe Station

EPS150MMW Probe Station

The EPS150MMW offers the shortest signal path to the device under test. Through seamless integration of millimeter-wave (mmW) heads and load-pull tuners, it enables the highest dynamic range and directivity – all without compromising electrical accuracy or mechanical stability. Verified standards and optimized calibration boundary conditions allow you to achieve a highly repeatable metrological level of calibration and confidence in your measurement results. [View more]

EPS150TESLA Probe Station

EPS150TESLA High Power Probe System

A shielded environment reduces noise and provides safe operating conditions when probing power MOSFET, IGBT, BJT, and other power devices at breakdown voltages of up to 3,000 V (triaxial) / 10,000 V (coaxial), and high-current pulses up to 100 A for lowest on-state resistance. High-current and high-voltage probes with replaceable tips and the low-noise, high-power thermal and non-thermal chuck options allow you to measure at wafer level with a high degree of confidence. [View more]

Educational Savings Program

Education Savings Program

Cascade Microtech now offers an Educational Savings Program that puts the industry’s best wafer test technology within reach of departmental budgets everywhere. You get the best performance, highest reliability and greatest flexibility at an affordable price. [View more]