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P30 RF Pyramid Probe Cards


Developed with a subset of features from available Pyramid Probes, plus a simplified design and build process, P30 RF Pyramid Probe card is a superior, cost-effective alternative to coaxial-style RF probe cards for high-volume testing of RF filters and switches. P30’s outstanding RF performance, isolation, low ground inductance and contact resistance are identical to the flagship RF P-Series Pyramid Probes. Application-focused, P30 is optimized for peripheral pads, 50Ω impedance transmission lines and DC control lines. P30 probe cards are designed to ensure your success for the high-volume production test of RF filters and switches used in cell phones, base stations and wireless devices.


  • Application-focused, cost-effective RF probe cards
  • High-bandwidth RF microstrip transmission lines to probe tips guarantee performance and low signal loss
  • Consistent low contact resistance and inductance for accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Low-inductance ground planes prevent device resonance and maximize isolation