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Probe Cards


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Superior electrical and mechanical performance

Pyramid Probe cards are rugged, robust, and well suited for the rigors of high-performance production wafer sort. Its industry-leading signal integrity and mechanical alignment capabilities make these probe cards the perfect fit for multi-die testing for RF wireless, high-speed digital in SiPs, SoCs, and leading edge DC parametric testing.

RF P-Series Pyramid Probe Cards

Pyramid RF P-Series Probe Card

RF P-Series Pyramid Probe cards provide superior signal integrity for wireless RF and microwave production test. With the industry-leading Pyramid Plus and Microscrub technologies, the RF P-Series ensures a substantially lower cost of ownership, while delivering superior RF signal integrity in a single solution. [View more]

P30 RF Pyramid Probe Cards

Pyramid P30 Probe Card

P30 RF Pyramid Probe card is a superior, cost-effective alternative to coaxial-style RF probe cards, optimized for peripheral pads, 50Ω impedance transmission lines and DC control lines. P30 is designed to ensure your success for the high-volume production test of RF filters and switches used in cell phones, base stations and wireless devices. [View more]

Pyramid-MW Probe Card


For robust, lower cost and long-life production testing of 57 GHz to 81 GHz RFICs, Cascade Microtech’s Pyramid-MW Probe is the world’s only mm-wave (mmW) RF production probe card that ensures reliable and repeatable measurement results critical for high-yield testing. Cascade Microtech’s Pyramid-MW Probe card delivers an ultra-durable photo-lithographically defined fine-pitch tip structure that probes smaller pads and provides consistent low-contact resistance and lowers your cost of production test through fast set-ups, minimal maintenance and documented cleaning regimes. [View more]

Parametric Series Pyramid Probe Cards

Pyramid Probe Card Core

High performance, low-cost Parametric series Pyramid probe cards are compatible with all major parametric tester platforms, enabling the accurate monitoring of 65 nm and 45 nm parametric test structures. PyramidPlus technology ensures a low cost of ownership, while delivering superior signal integrity and faster settling time, compared to traditional probe technologies. [View more]

Pyramid Accel Test Program Debug Fixture

Pyramid Accel Test Program Debug Fixture

The Pyramid Accel test program debug fixture addresses the increasingly complex test challenges brought on by today’s SoC and RF devices. It provides a unique capability to reduce time and cost to develop accurate, predictable and reliable production test programs, and reduce overall product time to market by up to 60%. [View more]



The QuadCard probe card is the industry’s first configurable, multi-quadrant probe adapter that mounts up to four Cascade Microtech probes on a single probe card. The QuadCard reduces overall cost-of-test by allowing quick and easy repairs to be performed in the field, by simply replacing individual probes. [View more]

SiP/SoC P-Series Pyramid Probe Cards

Pyramid SiP/SoC Probe Card

SiP/SoC P-Series Pyramid Probe cards reduce your cost of ownership through enhanced throughput, reduced maintenance and increased yields — enabled by large multi-DUT probe surfaces, permanent probe alignment, superior electrical performance and long life. Designed for both bond-pad and flip-chip bump applications, the SiP/SoC P-Series allows at-speed testing of large-scale ICs at die sort. At-speed die sort reduces scrap and allow shipment of KGD. [View more]

Custom Calibration Substrate

Custom Contact Substrate

Custom Calibration Substrates address specific layouts for calibration that match the layout of the device under test (DUT). [View more]

Pyramid Probe Card Technology

Pyramid Probe Card: Probe Tips

Cascade Microtech has developed our own patented clean-room processes for depositing, lithographic patterning, etching and plating probe structures on flexible substrates that are similar to the processes used in making semiconductor chips. These processes have allowed us to develop Pyramid Probe cores with high frequency electrical connections and probe tips that are close together to address narrow pitch requirements. [View more]