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WinCal XE Software


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WinCalXE software is a comprehensive and intuitive on-wafer RF measurement calibration tool to achieve accurate and repeatable S-parameter measurement. The WinCalXE features include exclusive 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-port calibration algorithms, immediate and live data measurement and viewing, LRRM, LRM+, SOLT-LRRM hybrid and NIST-style multi-line TRL calibrations, as well as an Error Set Management capability for data comparison and augmentation. The latest version, WinCalXE 4.7, covers Infinity, ACP, T-Wave and |Z| Probes, and is compatible with Velox™, Nucleus™ and ProberBench™ probe station control software.


  • Supports up to 12 VNA ports than can be mapped to four logical ports for calibration
  • Extensive guidance, wizards and management features automate calibration setup, measurement, result data conversion and report creation
  • LRRM-SOLT, multi-line TRL and second-tier calibration methods enable precision and simple multi-port calibrations
  • Automatic load inductance compensation function ensures the most repeatable calibrations
  • Easy to use Probe to ISS/CSR matching tool
  • Additional remoting methods
  • Interface with Velox™ over LAN

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