The configuration of a device characterization system can be challenging; equipment must be sourced from multiple suppliers and then configured and proven on-site before your first device can be tested. You must integrate all the measurement equipment, wafer probers, and other components, each with its own firmware or software control, and ensure that there is data correlation and measurement accuracy between different locations. It can take weeks, or even months, before you can execute your first measurements. Cascade Microtech, with MeasureOne partner Keysight Technologies Technologies, address these challenges directly by providing a fully integrated wafer-level measurement solution with guaranteed system configuration, installation and support.

Building blocks for wafer-level device characterization

Accurate and repeatable characterization is essential for device modeling, technology development, process development and specification, process monitoring, component specification and pilot manufacturing. Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies provide all of the building blocks for wafer-level device characterization. Cascade Microtech's wafer-level probe station, probes, and calibration tools combined with Keysight Technologies's test instrumentation and measurement and analysis software allow you to perform wafer-level DC parametric, IV & CV curves, and calibrated S-parameter measurements on your devices at frequencies up to 110 GHz.

Optimizing the configuration

The wafer-level measurement solution for device characterization incorporates a Cascade Microtech Summit™ 200 mm or Elite™ 300 mm semi-automated wafer probe station for up to 300 mm wafers, with low-leakage DCP parametric probes, highfrequency Infinity Probes®, ISS calibration standards and WinCal XE™ calibration software, and a Keysight Technologies PNA or PNA-X Series microwave network analyzer,a B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer, Keysight Technologies WaferPro Express (WaferPro-XP) measurement software platform.

WaferPro-XP's interface and workflow is optimized for Cascade Microtech semi-automated probe stations. With WaferPro-XP you can setup and execute automated wafer-level characterization measurements rapidly. The addition of Keysight Technologies IC-CAP, the industry standard for RF modeling, to the WaferPro-XP software bundle, completes the modeling workflow.

Delivering a verified solution

To ensure all of these elements work together to meet your application needs, Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies will pre-validate the system configuration prior to delivery. Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies have a team of wafer-level measurement solutions experts who will work with you to optimize the system to meet your continuing device characterization and modeling requirements. Cascade Microtech solutions experts will install and verify the system S-parameter and DC parametric performance, and Keysight Technologies Technologies solutions experts will verify optional application functions. Calibration is essential to ensure accurate and repeatable tests, and this can be particularly challenging in a wafer probing environment. Cascade Microtech’s powerful WinCal XE software, when used with the Infinity Probes and Impedance Standard Substrates, enables an automated probe tip calibration with proven accuracy and known repeatability. It minimizes the time to first measurement and ensures correlation between multiple locations.

Installation is only judged complete when all agreed-upon acceptance criteria are fully met. With a wafer-level measurement solution from Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies you have guaranteed configuration, installation and support. For ongoing support, you have a single point of contact at Cascade Microtech.


Device Characterization

MeasureOne Benefits

  • Guaranteed configuration, installation and support
  • Accurate and repeatable wafer-level device characterization
  • System configuration pre-validated
  • Installation to defined acceptance criteria
  • Single point of contact for support
  • Solutions experts for optimization

Solution Components

  • Cascade Microtech 200 mm or 300 mm semi-automated probe system, WinCal XE calibration software, Infinity Probes, and ISS calibration standards
  • Keysight Technologies PNA or PNA-X, B1500A, WaferPro-XP, IC-CAP software, and DC Power Analyzer

Solution Partners

KeySight Technologies

Cascade Microtech, Inc.