Ongoing advances in the physical sciences are creating new generations of semiconductor and magnetic materials in response to the needs for higher speed, greater capacity, reduced power, and increased performance. Early stage research starts by subjecting sample materials to extremely low cryogenic temperatures (within a few degrees of absolute zero) in order to measure fundamental electrical transport properties. Materials with magnetic characteristics will simultaneously be exposed to high fields as these measurements are taken. Thus, materials R&D labs need test and measurement systems with the ability to manifest these extreme sample environments.

Cascade Microtech now combines its 30-plus years of precision electrical and mechanical measurement experience with Lake Shore Cryotronics' unparalleled expertise in device characterization under extreme temperature and magnetic field conditions. Taken together, our products, services, and technologies give you a complete range of measurement solutions all along the spectrum from cryogenic/magnetic materials science to automated probing of production-ready devices.

Get the best of breed in both probe system technology and application know-how

Through our MeasureOne collaboration, our combined croygenic technologies and systems offer an unequalled array of options for making precise, repeatable measurements at temperatures near the bottom of the Kelvin scale, and even in very high magnetic fields. No matter what your device size, probe configuration, instrumentation, or automation requirements, we can guide you to an optimal solution. Our MeasureOne collaboration is structured to give you unequalled continuity in test and measurement all the way from the earliest cryogenic/high-field materials investigations through to device characterization and on to process quality control at room temperatures during mass production. At every stage, we can recommend and assemble the ideal configuration. Cascade Microtech.

Get the optimum configuration every time

Devices and material measurements in low-temp, high-Tesla environments span a wide variety of physical parameters and potential applications. No single test and measurement system is appropriate for all. We start with this assumption and combine our respective technologies and expertise to meet your specific needs, delivering a validated best-of-breed MeasureOne solution. Through MeasureOne, our respective companies have created a conduit of shared research and development. That gives us a unique perspective when we evaluate your particular technical requirements. Right from the outset, we can identify an optimum set of features that builds on our relative strengths. Based on our collective experience, we can also assure that they will be successfully integrated into the final installation on your lab floor.


Cryogenic / Magnetic Probing

MeasureOne Benefits

  • Guaranteed system configuration to accommodate a wide variety of extreme environmental conditions
  • Measurement solutions pre-validated
  • Test continuity from investigation through device characterization and on to process quality control
  • Installation and service support
  • Technology expertise to address future requirements

Solution Components

  • Cascade Microtech cryogenic probe stations supporting device substrates up to 200 mm in diameter with manual, semi-automatic and fully-automated operation for DC and RF measurements into the terahertz range.
  • Lake Shore Cryotronics cryogenic probe stations for characterization of small material samples and devices (typically less than 100 mm) down to 2 Kelvin and with magnetic field strengths up to 2.5 Tesla.

Solution Partners

LakeShore - Cryotronics

Cascade Microtech, Inc.