Integrating diverse measurement equipment with a probe station is rather complex, due to the multiple interactions between the various components. On-wafer 1/f noise measurements are a critical component of any characterization and modeling test system. Due to the required sensitivity, they can easily be corrupted by outside sources of interference. To overcome these challenges we need to have a comprehensive solution consisting of a well-known and pre-validated configuration, ensuring that all components are included to make the best possible measurement.

When independently sourcing instruments, probes and a probe station from different suppliers, the final configured test cell may not adequately address your specific measurement challenges. Until now you could not be confident that everything would work together when delivered and installed by the different suppliers. You will also need software to control both the measurement and the probe station for wafer mapping and die-to-die movements. Without a pre-validated configuration, it could take weeks or even months to put together a working solution, impacting both time to first data and time to market. Cascade Microtech works together with MeasureOne partner Keysight Technologies to remove the risk involved when using multiple vendors. We address these challenges directly by providing a fully-integrated wafer-level measurement solution with a guaranteed system configuration to ensure you have the fastest time to first measurement.

Pre-configured Solution for On-wafer 1/f Measurement

Modern semiconductor processes are now producing devices that are more sensitive to noise. As a result, low-frequency noise modeling has become increasingly important. 1/f and Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) are also used today to determine potential reliability issues, and are used as a process control in semiconductor production. The need for accurate and repeatable characterization is essential for device modeling, technology development, process development, process monitoring, component specification and pilot manufacturing. Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies provide all of the building blocks of wafer-level device characterization. Cascade Microtech’s wafer-level probe station, probes and software tools combined with Keysight Technologies’ new Advanced Low Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA) instrumentation and measurement and analysis software, now allow you to perform wafer-level 1/f measurements. This optimized combination gives you the fastest time to first data.

Optimizing the configuration

Our 1/f pre-configured solutions are built on the Cascade Microtech Summit™ 200 mm platform and CM300 300 mm semi-automated probe platform, and incorporate the appropriate instrumentation to address 200 mm and 300 mm wafer applications. Other turnkey configurations are available depending on your requirements. These stations offer the lowest DC parametric leakage and the lowest noise floor in the industry. The A-LFNA from Keysight Technologies is built on the WaferPro Express software platform, a test executive that is both expandable and flexible. Thus 1/f and RTN measurements may be embedded in a larger test suite that might include DC IV, capacitance and S-parameters. The WaferPro Express interface has been optimized for all major Cascade Microtech semi-automated probe stations, enabling quick and convenient control of the prober from within the test. With WaferPro Express you can quickly and easily set up and execute automated wafer-level characterization measurements rapidly

Delivering a verified solution

To ensure all of these elements work together to meet your application needs, Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies will pre-configure the system prior to delivery. A team of wafer-level measurement solution experts will work with you to optimize the system. Cascade Microtech and Keysight Technologies applications engineers will install and verify the probe station and A-LFNA respectively. This minimizes the time to first measurement and validates the correlation between multiple locations. Our wafer-level measurement solutions have guaranteed configurations that certify a working solution and no missing components. We further provide training to make sure you can maximize the utility and performance of the system.

MeasureOne solutions remove risk and deliver confidence backed by assurances including guaranteed configuration, on-site integration, training and qualification, as well as accurate and repeatable wafer-level 1/f and RTN measurements.


1/f Device Characterization

MeasureOne Benefits

  • Guaranteed configuration
  • Accurate and repeatable wafer-level 1/f and RTN measurements
  • System configuration pre-validated
  • Installation by industry leaders
  • Solutions experts for optimization

Solution Components

  • Cascade Microtech 200 mm or 300 mm semi-automated probe system
  • Velox™ Software
  • DCP Probes, ACP Probes, Infi nity Probes®, or |Z|Probes®
  • DPP Precision DC Positioners
  • Keysight Technologies E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Analyzer (A-LFNA)
  • Keysight Technologies B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer
  • Keysight Technologies WaferPro Express software with A-LFNA

Solution Partners

KeySight Technologies

Cascade Microtech, Inc.