For engineering lab and production customers who need quick access to the best products to meet their test and measurement requirements, MeasureOne is a unique commitment between Cascade Microtech and a select group of partners to deliver optimized solutions to address customers' applications. Cascade Microtech and its MeasureOne partners work together to configure and install solutions with validated performance and post-installation service and support. Our solutions help reduce costs, time, and ultimately get your products to market - faster.

Cascade Microtech has created MeasureOne as a solutions program to:

  • Create powerful, integrated test and measurement solutions with best-of-breed partners.
  • Eliminate the time and risk involved in sourcing incompatible products from multiple vendors.
  • Provide confidence in measurement by applying combined know-how and expertise.
  • Include partners who share a commitment to customer success and who seek to understand and solve future customer challenges.
  • Offer a single point of contact to coordinate the optimal customer solution, managing all aspects of configuration, installation, service and performance.

The Promise

  • To anticipate technology requirements
  • To provide access to measurement expertise
  • To collaborate and commit to delivering an optimized solution
  • To reduce time to first measurement

Partner Commitment

  • Commit to collaboration with Cascade Microtech and other MeasureOne partners to understand technology requirements
  • Commit to software/hardware integration
  • Commit to sharing expertise during solution optimization and for post-sales support

Why MeasureOne?

The MeasureOne program was conceived to address the problems that customers face configuring and integrating measurement systems. Problems that range from configuration, hardware and software integration, calibration, installation, training and post-sales service.

Left to fend for themselves, customers can spend an inordinate amount of time integrating and troubleshooting their systems. Complexities of integration can be a tremendous obstacle in the path to bringing products to market in a timely, profitable fashion. In some instances, hardware and software from multiple suppliers must be configured and integrated to ensure data correlation and measurement accuracy between different locations.

The MeasureOne program eliminates the challenges associated with sourcing, configuring and verifying hardware and software from multiple sources. Customers can take advantage of MeasureOne to remove the barriers and reduce time to first measurement.

Streamline your process

By leveraging the cumulative experience of Cascade Microtech and its MeasureOne partners – all who perform as best-of-breed in their category – customers can streamline their processes and realize efficient, "true to measurement" solutions that deliver speed to market and return on their investment.

The MeasureOne solutions program leverages the expertise of partners in the applications below. We work together to provide access to measurement expertise through a single point of contact.

MeasureOne - Details