What does MeasureOne solution program bring to the customer that wasn't there before?

All customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • We are using our experience and knowledge to give the customer trust that the proposed solutions offered by the MeasureOne partners will work for the customer.
  • Some solutions will be backed by certain guarantees such as guaranteed installation, configuration and support. All solutions will be validated to prove that the performance is optimized for that application.

How is this different from what I, as a customer, have now?

Historically, partnerships have done very superficial levels of integrations, with nobody taking ownership of the complete solution. If something went wrong, nobody would want to be accountable and rectify the problem. Cascade Microtech and the best-of-breed suppliers chosen to support MeasureOne Solutions both commit to an end-to-end performance validation, with differing levels of guarantees and assurances, depending on the integrated solutions provided. Either Cascade Microtech or its MeasureOne solution partner will provide configuration, installation and support with a joint team backing up every installation.

Do you have different partner tiers?

No, all our partners are best in breed with the instruments, products and/or services they offer.

What is considered in determining the appropriate tier for my company?

Externally, all partners are equal.

Where can I find a grid detailing program options?

Please refer to our MeasureOne Framework/Matrix that diagrams the solutions and the guarantees associated with each. As we add new partners, we will expand on the applications matrix, incorporating new products and value-added services as they become available.

How much will the MeasureOne program cost?

There are no extra costs to the customer for buying a product or solution that is part of the MeasureOne solution. As a configured, integrated solution it may contain essential and valuable services that are necessary to complete the package, and some of these services are exclusive to a MeasureOne solution.

How do I become a MeasureOne best-of-breed partner?

Customers can not become partners, unless providing a best-of-breed instrument or complementary products to make up part of a MeasureOne solution. This is an 'invitation only' solution program, and when Cascade Microtech investigates providers, they research and carefully review a select list of suppliers, and work closely to integrate product offerings to address specific applications.

What is the contact information for sales?

Contact your local Cascade Microtech Sales Manager.

What is the contact information for technical support?

Contact your local Cascade Microtech office and ask for a MeasureOne Solutions Expert.

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