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RFIC & Wedge Probes for Functional Test


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Cascade Microtech's durable, high-performance multi-contact wedge probes streamline RFIC engineering test.

If you are unable to find a probe here that meets your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss specific requirements for your application.

InfinityQuad Probe

InfinityQuad Probe

The InfinityQuad™ Probe ensures reliable measurement results up to 110 GHz over a wide temperature range (-40 °C to 125 °C). The durable photo-lithographically defined fine-pitch tip structure enables automatic, over temperature probing of small pads down to 30 x 50 μm, consistent low contact resistance and more than 250,000 touchdowns on Al pads. [View more]

Unity Probe ™

Unity Probe

The Unity probe is well-suited for on-wafer circuit measurements for engineering design debug and verification. This build-to-order multicontact probe streamlines RFIC engineering test, saving you time, aggravation and money. An online design capture and request for quote form is available. [View more]

Eye-Pass® Multicontact DC Probe

Eye-Pass probe

The multicontact Eye-Pass probe provides controlled impedance power connections enabling functional testing of even the most challenging circuits on-wafer. The high-durability composite multi-finger tip provides high compliance and ensures precise alignment. This custom probe allows the user to select the footprint pattern best suited for the application, with up to 12 contacts per probe head. [View more]

RF Quadrant Probes

RF Quadrant Probes

Quadrant Probes were developed in response to the need for multiple probe tips in a single module. Configurations consist of all RF or a combination of RF and DC. The RF probes use Air Coplanar technology to produce a rugged microwave probe with a compliant tip for accurate, repeatable measurements on-wafer. The DC probes use ceramic blade needles for low noise and high performance. [View more]

Multi |Z| Probe®

Multi |Z| Probe®

The Multi |Z| Probe® is a new dimension in RF/Microwave multiport and digital signal testing. It uses the same patented technology as other |Z| Probes, but can carry up to 16 RF/Microwave signals on one probe. [View more]


Z ProbeWedge™

With a high degree of application flexibility, HF ProbeWedges™, use both RF contacts and DC needles. The variety of available configurations of the HF ProbeWedge ensures your application requirements are met every time. [View more]

Multicontact DC Power Probe Series

Multicontact DC Probes

The multicontact DC Quadrant Probe (DCQ) provides user-configured flexibility in a single probe head. The DCQ offers superior mechanical stability and enables the placement of high quality bypass capacitors within close proximity to the probe tip, minimizing series inductance. The WPH probe is ideal for applications not requiring a controlled impedance environment. [View more]



The QuadCard probe card is the industry’s first configurable, multi-quadrant probe adapter that mounts up to four Cascade Microtech probes on a single probe card. The QuadCard reduces overall cost-of-test by allowing quick and easy repairs to be performed in the field, by simply replacing individual probes. [View more]