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Jun 5 2001 Cascade Microtech's new S300 RF/Microwave Probe Station ensures fast and accurate 300mm on-wafer test

Cascade Microtech announces the release of its semi-automatic and manual S300 RF/Microwave Probing System for quick and reliable 300 mm on-wafer test and characterization. The S300 supports wafer sizes and shards from 0.5 in. (1 mm) to up to 12 in. (300mm). This precision probing system supports the entire line of Cascade’s RF/microwave probes to ensure quick set-up and reliable measurements. [View more]

Jun 5 2001 Cascade Microtech's Free DataMap 1.0 Software allows you to view wafer test data and statistics with an Easy Graphical Wafer Map

Nucleus DataMap 1.0 is a new software product that allows wafer test data to be viewed in a user-friendly graphical wafer map format. DataMap is the perfect add-on tool for test engineers and device designers that currently use or will use the Nucleus 2.0/2.1 Prober Control Software. [View more]

May 22 2001 Cascade Microtech's Nucleus 2.1 Prober Control Software analyzes RF/Microwave data in real time for reliable wafer test results

Cascade Microtech announces the release of its new Nucleus 2.1 Prober Control Software. Nuclues 2.1 monitors and analyzes RF/microwave data collection in real time, ensuring you have the most reliable data in a quick, easy-to-configure format. [View more]

May 11 2001 Cascade Microtech and Micromanipulator Resolve Infringement Dispute

The patent infringement action between Cascade Microtech, Inc. and Micromanipulator Company, Inc. (MM) regarding Cascade's U.S. Patent Nos. 5,604,444, 5,532,609, 5,663,653 and 5,610,529 has been resolved by mutual agreement of the parties. [View more]

May 3 2001 Cascade Microtech offers a solution for wafer-level testing of MEMs-based Optical Switches

The integration of the Summit Series wafer probing systems and the Polytec Micro-Scanning Laser Vibrometer (MSV) provides an automated, non-invasive device characterization during the Micro Electromechanical System (MEMs) optical switch manufacturing process. [View more]

Feb 9 2000 Cascade Microtech Receives $10 Million Equity Investment

Cascade Microtech, Inc. announced today the closure of a $10 million round of equity financing from Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA). The funds will be used to accelerate the company’s marketing and manufacturing capabilities in support of its breakthrough Pyramid ProbeTM technology. This technology provides the semiconductor industry new and significantly advanced testing capabilities for both the development and production environments, and is especially well suited for testing today’s increasingly sophisticated semiconductors. [View more]

Feb 9 2000 Electroglas Announces Strategic Licensing Agreement with Cascade Microtech

Electroglas Inc. (NASDAQ: EGLS), a leading supplier of essential process management tools for the semiconductor industry, today announced that it has licensed essential measurement technology from Cascade Microtech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of wafer probe cards and probe stations for laboratory-grade parametric testing of semiconductor devices. The technology transfer will lead to faster and more accurate testing of advanced semiconductor devices during production, including high-speed telecommunications and computing devices. [View more]

Feb 9 2000 Cascade Microtech Accelerates Expansion of Pyramid Probe Division

Cascade Microtech, Inc. announced it is accelerating expansion of its Pyramid ProbeTM Division. Effective today, Cascade’s Pyramid Probe Division strengthens its management team with the addition of Mark Olen, who becomes vice president and general manager of the division. Ken Smith, who has managed Pyramid Probe engineering and marketing since its inception in 1993, becomes vice president, Corporate Technology and Pyramid Probe operations. [View more]

Jul 26 1999 Cascade Microtech Announces Successful Evaluations of its Pyramid Probe: The New Mainstream Probing Technology

Cascade Microtech, Inc. announced today that successful evaluations were performed by Lucent Technologies and Sandia National Laboratories of Cascade Microtech’s second-generation membrane probe card technology, the Pyramid Probe Card. The Pyramid Probe demonstrated contact resistances 10X lower than traditional epoxy ring needle technology. Probe marks were on the order of 15 microns in diameter with a scrub length of 3 to 5 microns using Cascade’s patented Microscrub technology. [View more]

Jul 21 1999 Cascade Microtech and Electroglas Announce Strategic Relationship and Investment

Electroglas Inc. (NASDAQ: EGLS), a leading supplier of essential process management tools for the semiconductor industry, and Cascade Microtech, a leading manufacturer of probe stations and probe cards used to characterize semiconductor devices on-wafer, today announced that Electroglas has purchased a minority equity share of Cascade Microtech. [View more]

Jul 12 1999 Cascade Microtech provides on-wafer test automation with PCS LabVIEW drivers

A PCS LabVIEW driver, jointly developed between Cascade Microtech and Microsys Technologies, Inc. is now available. This driver allows semiconductor test engineers to completely automate their wafer test procedures. The Prober Control Software (PCS) driver for National Instruments’ LabVIEW is a standard software driver that can be loaded into LabVIEW to control Cascade’s Summit 12000 series of semiautomatic probe stations via Cascade’s PCS. [View more]

Jun 1 1999 LabVIEW Driver Now Available for Cascade Microtech Probe Stations

National Instruments announced today the availability of the Summit Series LabVIEW Integration Toolkit. With the Toolkit, jointly developed by National Instruments, Cascade Microtech, and Microsys Technologies, semiconductor test engineers can completely integrate and automate their wafer test process. [View more]

Apr 26 1999 Cascade Microtech Leases 60,000 Square Foot Facility to Support Growing Pyramid Probe Business

Cascade Microtech, Inc. is leasing a 60,000 square foot facility within the Nimbus Business Park on Gemini Drive, in Beaverton, Ore. The new facility will allow Cascade to increase its manufacturing capability in response to the rapid growth of its latest generation Pyramid Probes, the first commercially successful membrane probe. [View more]

Apr 15 1999 IMEC Chooses Cascade Microtech for a Major Upgrade of Existing Wafer Probers in a Multi-Purchase and Cooperation Agreement Valued at $1.4 Million

After a competitive evaluation, Cascade Microtech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of probe stations used to characterize semiconductor devices on-wafer, was chosen by IMEC, the Inter-university Microelectronics Centre of Leuven, Belgium, to embark on a program to upgrade IMEC to the latest 8-inch wafer probe stations. This agreement with a value of approximately $1.4 million, includes both automatic probers (PS21s), and analytical stations (Summit RF and DC probe systems). [View more]

Oct 7 1998 Cascade Microtech receives funding to develop Next-Generation Probe Cards for parallel testing

It was announced today that Cascade Microtech, Inc. is a recipient of a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP) award. Cascade Microtech will design and demonstrate large-area membrane probes for parallel testing of integrated circuits (ICs), arrays of chip-scale packages (CSPs) and high-density interconnect substrates (HDISs). The probes will substantially reduce the cost of test while enhancing the high-frequency capabilities of parallel testing and increasing product yields. [View more]

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