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Trade Compliance


Our Global Trade Compliance team is focused on supporting the movement of product to and from our Customers as efficiently as possible, while observing the international rules and regulations governing Trade.

The Governments of the United States of America and Germany monitor and control the export, re-export, and transfer of U.S.A./German hardware, software, and technology - including technical data (hereafter referred to as “Products”). 

To ensure compliance with these regulations, U.S.A. and German exporters are obligated to screen all parties involved in the transaction of product regulated under these controls. We must take into consideration both the end user and the ultimate end use of the Products to determine any licensing requirements. 

Based on these requirements, prior to release of any Cascade Microtech, Incorporated (“CASCADE”) Products, we require that a Statement of Assurance (“SOA”) be completed on your letterhead, and signed by a representative of your company with the proper authority to legally bind your organization.  The completed SOA will remain on file with CASCADE. If at any time your business activities change and the answers you originally provided are no longer applicable, please notify CASCADE immediately so that we may update our records.

When completed, please fax or email the Statement of Assurance to:

Email: See Document

Fax Number: + 1-503-601-1002   

Attention: Trade Compliance Department - Cascade Microtech, Incorporated.

A review of the completed SOA may require CASCADE to request additional information, or to apply for and obtain an Export License from the U.S. and/or German Government prior to an export. If a German Export License is required, then a BAFA End Use Certificate will also need to be completed by the Ultimate End User.

We understand that in the event that you have your own Trade Compliance department and Compliance Program in place, you may have your own format End Use documentation. We are willing to accept your own format End Use documents if they provide the relevant End User and End Use information. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in completing and returning the Statement of Assurance. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Global Trade Compliance Team
+ 1-800-550-3279
+ 1-503-601-1000 

Trade Compliance - General Statement of Assurance Trade Compliance - General Statement of Assurance

Published: 02/11/13 | Updated: 07/20/17 | Type: Public Download

Trade Compliance - BAFA End-Use Certificate Trade Compliance - BAFA End-Use Certificate

Published: 02/11/13 | Updated: 08/22/16 | Type: Public Download