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Cascade Microtech, Inc.


A History of Innovation

CMI Founders: Eric Strid and Reed GleasonCascade Microtech began with the teamwork of Eric Strid and Reed Gleason, who in 1983 developed the first microwave wafer probe. Before 1983, high-speed IC designers could only speculate as to why a particular design worked. The true electrical performance of these microwave circuits was impossible to measure at the wafer level. By using Cascade Microtech's revolutionary on-wafer probing solutions, design engineers could actually test and characterize circuits at the wafer level, before the ICs were diced and packaged. This halved research and development times and lowered the tremendous cost of developing new chips. Cascade Microtech's on-wafer probing technology has since become an industry standard.

FormFactor Inc. acquired Cascade Microtech on June 24th, 2016.