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FormFactor Merger Information


June 24, 2016 - FormFactor Completes Acquisition of Cascade Microtech


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will customers benefit from the acquisition?

    The combination of Cascade Microtech and FormFactor will create a larger, stronger entity, leading in the production probe card and engineering systems markets that will drive long-term value for our customers. Both companies share a legacy of innovation and technology development. We are uniquely positioned to solve many of our customers’ most difficult test challenges, from engineering to production.

  2. How do FormFactor and Cascade Microtech products fit together?

    Cascade Microtech enables characterization and modeling in the engineering lab with probe systems, probes and software that deliver high mechanical accuracy and precise electrical measurement, and extends these features into the production test environment with probe cards for RF and parametric applications. FormFactor achieves unequalled performance on the production floor with probe cards for both memory and advanced non-memory applications such as parametric, SoC, AP, MPU, MCU, Flash and DRAM.

  3. If I need to buy additional Cascade Microtech products, who do I call?

    Continue to work with your local sales representative or send an email request to sales_support@cmicro.com or contact the sales office at 1-800-550-3279 (1-503-601-1000).

  4. Who do I pay?

    Cascade Microtech will continue operating as a business entity with the same tax identification. Processing of quotes, invoices and payments will remain the unchanged for each company. Orders for Cascade Microtech products will be quoted and processed via Cascade Microtech, and orders for FormFactor products will be quoted and processed by FormFactor.

  5. Do license, warranty or support agreements change?

    All warranties and support agreements for both companies remain unchanged.
  6. Will the Cascade Microtech brand continue to exist?

    There are no plans to change the Cascade Microtech brand, other than to add “a FormFactor company” to the existing logo in some instances.

  7. Who should I call for technical support?

    You can continue to request technical support by submitting the Service Request Form on the Cascade Microtech website, or by calling 1-800-550-3279 (1-503-601-1000).

  8. As a vendor, who do I deal with? Are there any changes to contacts including bill-to information, purchase orders or agreements/contracts?

    If you are a Cascade Microtech supplier, purchase orders, contracts/agreements remain unchanged. There are no changes to tax ID or bill-to information.  Continue to send invoices to AP@cmicro.com. You can continue to communicate with your current Cascade Microtech buyer or supply chain manager.


Key Contacts:

Sales and Service:
Phyllis Woods Phyllis.woods@cmicro.com 503-601-1945
Patrick Casto pcasto@formfactor.com 925-290-4927
Investor Relations:
Stan Finkelstein sfinkelstein@formfactor.com 925-290-4321
Cascade Microtech Accounting accounting@cmicro.com 503-601-1000
Purchasing/Supply Chain:
Lynette Pagano lynette.pagano@cmicro.com 503-601-1536