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Conferences and Events


June 6, 2017 - June 8, 2017

International Microwave Symposium (IMS/MTT-S)

IMS 2017 Exhibitor Workshop

June 6, Tuesday, 10:00-12:00

EWB: From DC to THz – Best Practices for On-Wafer Test throughout the Spectrum

Thisworkshop will discuss the best method to setup, calibrate and evaluate measurement performance at 67 GHz, 110 GHz coaxial in waveguide bands spanning WR15 (75 GHz) to WR1 (1100 GHz). We will show the relative merits of both manual and semi-automated probe stations, with both manual and programmable motorized positioners. We will show novel means by which a directly connected waveguide probe can still be used reliably over temperature testing on a semi-automated wafer prober. We will also discuss approaches that can be taken to maximize accuracy and minimize system drift whilst making on wafer thermal measurement.


MicroApps Session

11:20 on June 8th, Thursday

Advanced measurement and processing capability within WinCal XE™

Gavin Fisher, Applications Specialist, Customer Application and Product Solution Group, FormFactor

Cascade Microtech has been leading the way in the on-wafer probing industry sinceour incorporation in 1983. We produced our first version of our calibration software, WinCal, in 1995 and have been developing it ever since with the current softwareversion WinCal XE 4.7. For many of our customers WinCal XE is their daily workhorse used to calibrate the VNAand more. However this core function merely scratches the surface of the feature set ofthis tool. During the presentation we will show how some of the more advanced tools may helpusers in ways they may have not anticipated. These include allowing automatic full-wafer RF test device testing including DC bias andsending parametric data back to the wafer map. This will be done using the simpleinbuilt Sequencing functionality within WinCal XE. A video of an actual test run will beshown.In order to allow automatic calibration using customer defined substrates we have alocation manager tool. An overview of using this tool will be given and real lifecalibration example video. For this we will use our CellView tool within Velox™ probercontrol software, which provides a visual map of the substrate with micron resolution tovery quickly navigate complex arrays of structures.An overview will be also be given using Microsoft .net to control WinCal XE testsallowing more exotic testing routines to be developed. Finally a demonstration will be given of using WinCal XE to create detailed postprocessing functions such as modifying the calibration method of an entire set of dataafter measurement to view ramifications of error term variation.

Location:Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, HI
Booth:1626 (Keysight Avenue)

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