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October 10, 2017 - October 12, 2017

European Microwave Week (EuMW)


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Methods to Evaluate Entire Test Cell Performance

Gavin Fisher, Applications Specialist, Customer Application and Product Solution Group, FormFactor

FormFactor and Keysight Technologies together provide an entire on-wafer mmW and DC wafer-level measurement solution (WMS) to our customers. These solutions have guarantees making it our responsibility to ensure all components are present and that we provide guaranteed rapid and informed support. In addition there is a guarantee available that ensures that the entire system is performing as expected, to previously agreed limits as determined by our factory measured performance tests. This powerful concept reduces purchase risk, and customers can rest easy in the knowledge that once the installation, evaluation and training on site have been completed, they can launch straight into their testing scheme. In this talk we will discuss some of the methods used to evaluate the performance of the system. These metrics evaluate system repeatability in terms of calibration error term variation and repeatability measurements of known impedance standard substrate standards with multiple calibrations. These measurements, if appropriate by system type, will be done at the maximum operating temperature of the probes and we will discuss some approaches to optimize thermal measurements in general. Measurements of this kind are undertaken with the use of WinCalXE™ software and we will briefly go into the automation of this activity. We will also discuss the use of a family of independent measurement standards. Each standard has been previously measured individually for direct comparison at the customer site. These standards allow us to evaluate the system performance up to 110 GHz over a range of impedances. This work is done in conjunctions with the Keysight test executive WaferPro Express™ to perform the comparison limits and we will have a brief discussion of this tool in general. Aside from the factory measurement performance discussion we will also touch on thebest methods to setup, calibrate and evaluate measurement performance at 67 GHz,110 GHz coaxial and in waveguide bands spanning WR15 (75 GHz) to WR1 (1100 GHz).

Location:Nuremberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany

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