Protecting Wafer Probe Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Dual ACP on-wafer probesIf you’re a probe customer, or thinking of becoming one, we want to make sure that you are not only completely satisfied with your on-wafer probe, but that you’re positioned to maximize your probe investment. With this is mind, we’ve launched a probe repair program with a fixed-price model.

We will repair all single and dual ACP on-wafer probes, FPC and Infinity Probes® at a fixed price per the table below. All single-signal ACP, FPC and Infinity probes (frequency < 110 GHz) received in quantities of 12 or less will be repaired within one week.

Multi-contact on-wafer probes including Unity™, Eye-Pass®, ACP-Q, DCP and WPH-900 probes will have a fixed repair price less than or equal to 50% of the standard new price (+ $100 for international shipping and handling).

NOTE: This program does not include our family of |Z| Probes® and ProbeWedges™.

Probe Repair Pricing

Some details to note:

  • Only probes purchased after January 1, 2008 qualify for repair (serial number must begin with an 8, 9, C or D)
  • Repaired probes will be "as good as new" and meet all current quality and performance specifications; probes that do not meet these requirements will be replaced and the original probe serial number will increment as described in the Terms and Conditions*
  • Cascade Microtech will pay shipping both ways and importation charges to the US; customer pays import fees on return such as VAT/GST
  • FedEx will be the only carrier accepted
  • All payment information (or Purchase Order) must be submitted prior to issuing a Return Material Authorization form (RMA)
  • Maximum of 3 repairs per probe; probe serial numbers will increment with each repair (XXXX-1, XXXX-2 and XXXX-3)
  • A complete list of Terms and Conditions are available on our website

We anticipate that this program will allow you to extend the life of your probe inventory and help manage the cost of probe replacement. If you’ve taken advantage of our probe repair program, please let us know if it’s working as planned, and if you have been satisfied with the results.

To initiate a repair, view additional details, or to see a current list of repair prices and Terms and Conditions, please visit our Probe Repair page on our website.

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